ORMG Solutions

We provide an on-demand Electronic Appointment Book (EAB) for service providers to access the inner workings of their businesses.

  • Calendar, bookings, appointments, payments and customer data
  • All at the touch of button on a mobile device or from a simple web portal

Consumers have the ability to Compare and Reserve their services with instant gratification

  • 24/7 access to service providers calendar
  • No more waiting for a response
  • Complete start-to-finish management of your Trip booking Process

ORMG Benefits

  • More transactions through ORMG’s System
  • Market saturation of ORMG Booking system via existing known brands
  • Utilizing key partner name recognition to validate program

Partner Benefits

  • Generate new revenue source at no additional cost
  • Provide new service offering to current consumers
  • Mobile technology platform that creates revenue
  • New market exposure within industry
  • Generate new consumers based on platform

Our Affiliates

ORMG has developed a unique Affiliate partner system utilizing API and Token ring technology that will allow Partners to utilize a fully configurable revenue generating booking tool that can match their current website look and feel, as well as to have their own configurable mobile application.